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25 October 2014 @ 11:12 pm
If you're here, then you're probably one of those who visited my lj.

Yet another community that contains Arashi subbed videos, it used to be solely for posting the streaming version of the subs I post in my personal journal (mirei_22). But since there are people who are simply pain in the ass who want to spite subbers, I'll no longer post anything publicly in my journal.

Please don't join if:

1. You're not Arashi fan and/or you don't have even the slightest interest in them.
2. You'll only join because you want to re-translate my subs to another language. I don't share softsubs nor do I allow re-translations to another language.
3. You can't read the rules and posts, thus will bombard me with questions which answers are already given.

So, how to join?

First, you need to be able to understand English.

Click the join button.

And wait to be accepted.

No need to leave a comment. But if you really, really want to, it'll be screened. I rarely accept empty, inactive and new lj accounts. I have the right to reject anyone. Don't pm me if you got rejected, I tend to ignore such messages. You can try again, I might've changed my mind after six months.

I only accept lj-users. Needless to say, if you join using your FB, Twitter, Google or any other blogging accounts, you're already rejected.

Once you're accepted please read THIS another entry, which is only viewable by the members.
If you don't read that, you won't be able to watch the videos :p
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28 August 2018 @ 05:16 pm
Back to moderated membership.

Read the sticky post here to know how to join.

Or rather, just click the join button and wait to be accepted.
No need for comments or PMs.